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January 28, 2012 / rosedcartoons

Lesson 1: The Art of Cartooning

So here we are! My first lesson in “The Art of Cartooning”! This lesson won’t include any kind of print-outs, or steps to achieve a certain goal. If you had up to that last sentence and want to skip this lesson, that’s fine by me! Although, reading this may get you past the stage of “stick-man” drawings. All you will basically need is some paper, a pencil (whatever you can get your hands on, different types will be used later on for future lessons), an eraser, and some creativity!

Moving forward, cartooning by definition is ” a sketch or drawing that can usually be humorous, symbolizing, caricaturing a subject or person of interest.” For an example, the political comics in newspapers. Another simple example would be the “Funnies” from the newspaper. One key aspect of cartooning, that I will probably mention over and over again, is that there is no one way of cartooning, everyone has their own style and that is what makes it unique. For example, I sometimes display a very simple cartoon sketch, sometimes it might look a little more realistic, other times, I will adapt to whatever style that I see fit for a certain project. Like a Chameleon to it’s surroundings! I will never say I am limited in styles.

There are many types of styles, such as I mentioned, “Simple”. It’s a style that is not too complex, not a lot of detail is added, or realism. I will include this in one of my lessons, but drawing a Duck, or a bird floating on the water is more simple than you think. You can actually do it in one stroke, without letting go of the writing tool! Another style, would be the more realistic ones you see in the political section of a newspaper. Black and white is another, where the comic/cartoon is drawn with the two colours, and can be very appealing!  Nevertheless, there are quite a few styles out there, I just won’t name them all.

When it comes to drawing cartoons, whether it is a humanoid, animal, robot, etc. There is usually the head, body, and limbs. Facial expressions can be done at any point, it’s really up to the artist. It’s the facial expression and environment that will tell the story behind the character, if you so choose to do that. Drawing a character in a blank space works just as well. Cartooning is simply even the art of the character you drew yourself, do not feel like you have to always make a background environment.

In my next lesson, I will teach you how to draw heads. See you there!

-Rose out!


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